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How can Cold Chain Monitoring Technology Benefit your Business?

Posted by Mohammad Saifullah on Jul 31, 2017 12:10:22 PM

Poorly maintained temperature control can lead to food and other perishable cargo being wasted in the supply chain, and as such, it is key for transportation companies operating in the UAE, where temperatures regularly exceed 40 degrees celsius, to understand the value of reliable cold chain monitoring technology to support with the delivery of cooled food and pharmaceuticals to their clients.

If you are responsible for a multi-temperature fleet, a cold chain monitoring technology solution can provide complete control to protect refrigerated cargo and optimise utilisation.

By monitoring cold chain operations, you can increase profitability by:

  • Ensuring cargo temperature stays within the acceptable range. If the temperature deviates from this range, sensors alert you to the changes.
  • Minimising temperature-related load rejections, reducing costly spoilage claims, cutting redelivery costs and using “lockdown” mode to help prevent cargo theft.
  • Providing critical reports to determine location and reduce idling times.

Reduce fuel consumption and fleet operating costs by:

  • Analysing and utilising the data generated from fuel sensors and when required, raise the alarm to flag rapid fuel loss or theft. Detect and resolve improper fuel invoicing, and eliminate unnecessary continuous run usage.
  • Tracking engine hours and mileage to decrease engine maintenance, tire replacement costs, and to extend trailer lifetime and warranty periods.
  • Utilising advanced vehicle management to increase productivity and decrease both operating and maintenance costs.

Improve the Safety of Food and Pharmaceutical Transport by:

  • Using standalone temperature recorders for reliable temperature reports that can be printed on-demand upon delivery for the client.
  • Utilising Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) to send, save, archive and analyze your transport data
  • Keeping a historic record of temperature readings, and exchange temperature control information for the entire duration of journeys if requested.

At Restrata, our regional experience and partnership with Teletrac Navman, a leader in the global refrigerated transportation market, makes our complete end-to-end cold chain monitoring technology solution for two-way wireless tracking and monitoring of assets involved in the cold chain journey, the best option for your business. Contact me today to talk about your fleet requirements, or read more about the solution here:

Read more about our Temperature Monitoring Software


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