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Will has been involved in Workforce Development for over 15 years where he has managed, directed and led the training, assessment and development of a wide variety of projects across Government and Private Sector organisations. Joining the organisation in 2009, Will has managed safety, security and risk management initiatives in over 35 countries around the world. He has overseen training projects to over 15,000 persons covering a range of technical, safety and vocational related skills. Will’s early career as a Commissioned Officer in the British Army saw him serving in a number of strategic and operational appointments throughout the world. Having led soldiers on Active Service in Iraq, Afghanistan and Northern Ireland, he has an innate understanding of leadership in testing environments. His final role with the Army saw him leading the training and development of over 300 recruits across a range of military and competency based training initiatives.
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Top 4 areas to consider in safe journey management

Posted by Will Follett on Aug 24, 2017 5:37:10 AM

Around the globe, roads and highways can be a dangerous place, and the UAE is no exception. There were 675 deaths on the road in 2015, and this figure increased in 2016 to 725.

Recognising a need to improve safety standards on its roads, the UAE government has chosen to promote road safety and is committed to the reduction of traffic accidents and deaths, drawing inspiration from a decade-long global plan developed by the UN Road Safety Collaboration of World Health Organization.

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Top 5 Questions asked following Fire Safety Regulatory Reform

Posted by Will Follett on Nov 29, 2016 9:50:58 AM

With the pending release of the 2016 UAE Fire and Life Safety Code, Restrata decided to take a look at the impact of the introduction of similar legislation on the United Kingdom. We anticipate that the new clauses and amendments that will be included in the updated version of the UAE Fire and Life Safety Code will have a similar effect as The Regulatory Reform Order 2005, which came into force in April 2006 in the UK.

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